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Technology keeps a company competitive and helps maintain its leading position in the industry. We use technology to manufacture Automatic Door Vehicle Smart Tag and ensure it is stable in its performance.It will show its greatest effect when applied in the field(s) of Access control system.

After years of painstaking research, HANGZHOU SAFEDOOR AUTOMATION & HARDWARE CO LTD’s technicians have successfully developed Automatic Door Vehicle Smart Tag. Access control system The design is the most striking aspect of Safedoor. Its design comes from our designers who are sensitive to fashion and are know the commercial needs of the market very well. Also, DOOR MOTOR, GATE MOTOR, CONTROLLER, AUTOMATIC DOOR PROFILE, ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM made of well-selected raw materials.

Product Description

rt.RC-518   Automatic Door Vehicle Smart RFID Tag
Automatic Door Vehicle Smart Tag
Automatic Door Vehicle Smart Tag

This vehicle smart tag has similar function as the remote control for automatic door. After the vehicle tag and the receiver learn to pair, install the receiver on the automatic door operator controller, and insert the vehicle tag into the car's USB interface. The door will open automatically when the car is approaching, which brings convenience for people who always drive a car.

* Advanced software algorithm, strong anti-interference ability
* The response distance is adjustable in three gears, making it more flexible to use
* Receiver with wide voltage input design, 12~30V DC power input
* Unique frequency hopping technology, and high wireless transceiver stability

Technical parameters:
Power supplyDC12-30V
Static current34mA (DC12V power supply)
Dynamic current62mA (DC12V power supply)
Dimension110mm (L) × 30mm (W) × 15mm (H)
Vehicle tag:
Power supply5V (USD interface)
Operating current12mA
Launch distanceThree gears adjustable
Dimension56mm (L) × 38mm (W) ×12mm (H)

Automatic Door Vehicle Smart TagAutomatic Door Vehicle Smart TagUser guide:

1. The receiver learns the vehicle tag ID(The vehicle tag and receiver pairing)

    Please press the learning button of the receiver for about 1s first, the blue indicator light of the receiver will light up;when the tag is powerd on, shortly press the vehicle tag button, and the blue indicator light of the receiver flashes

2. Adjust the response distance between the vehicle tag and the receiver 
   The response distance of the  vehicle tag and the receiver can be divided into three levels: far, medium and near.(The actual response distance will be affected by the use and installation environment.)

3. Enter the vehicle tag response distance adjustment mode
    Please press the vehicle tag button for about 3s, the indicator light will light up, then relase the button,the indicator light will always turn on to enter the response distance adjustment mode.

4. Adjust the response distance
    In the response distance adjustment mode, shortly press the button to adjust and turn the response distance to far,middle and near. Specific as the indicator shows: As a period of 2s, the indicator light flashes once for near range, flashes twice for medium range, flashes three times for far range.

5. Exit the vehicle tag response distance adjustment mode
   a. Please press the vehicle tag button for about 3s, after the indicator light goes out, loose the button and then will exit this mode.
   b.Without any operation, wait for 10s to automatically exit this mode.

6. Open the door manually
   When approaching the receiver but the receiver has not responded to the transmitting tag, shortly press the vehical tag button, then the door can be opened immediately.

7. Delete the matching vehicle tag ID in the receiver(remove pairs between vehicle tag and receiver)
   Press and hold the learning button of the receiver for about 5 seconds, and the blue indicator light of the receiver flashes quickly, then delete all vehicle tag IDs. Please note the ID can not be deleted individually.
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